What we believe

Several major beliefs are at the heart of ECG:

Jesus Christ

We have no formal creed or doctrinal statement other than acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord of life. The Bible teaches that He was God, come to the earth in human flesh, born of a virgin, living a perfect, sinless life, dying as the sacrifice for our sin, raised from the grave and enthroned in heaven, and returning soon to receive His own. This body of belief is clearly taught in the Word of God, has been the teaching of Christians through the centuries, and is basic to our faith.


We accept the Bible as the written Word of God, and the final authority for our lives. Whether it is a matter of church practice, or personal life, we seek the Father’s direction through His Word.


Scripture teaches that the basic problem of the human race is our sinful self-centredness. It has separated us from God and from one another and is the source of our innumerable personal problems. The unconditional love of Jesus Christ for us, demonstrated in His sacrificial death on the cross, is the one hope for our lives.

In placing complete trust in Christ as Lord and Saviour, and by turning away from living for self to live for Him, we are born again to begin living a new life with the Lord. Being baptized in response to Christ’s own command is meant to establish a pattern of obedience for us early in the Christian life, and to show the reality of our faith in Him.

Through this re-birth, all of our past is forgiven, we have the power, peace, and direction of the Holy Spirit in the present, and the promise of eternity in heaven for the future!

Non-denominational position

Believing that what makes a person a Christian is the Lordship of Christ in his life (and not his denominational affiliation), we have chosen a non-denominational approach for our fellowship. At the same time, we openly identify with all people everywhere for whom Christ is Lord. While we may not agree with everyone on all church traditions and practices, we actively seek fellowship with other Christians on the basics of the authority of the Word of God for our lives and devotion to Jesus Christ.

Agreeing on these essentials, while permitting great freedom in areas of opinion, allows a wide diversity in our fellowship and permits us a unity with other Christians that transcends denominational barriers.

Would you like to know more? If you have any questions about any of ECG’s beliefs, please feel free to email or phone us!